Forest Auctions is the online auction platform used by VicForests to sell hardwood timber in Victoria, Australia.
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VicForests is responsible for the sustainable harvest and commercial sale of timber from state forests in Victoria, Australia.
All new sawlog timber sales by VicForests are made through paper based and electronic auctions.
This web site provides the entry point for businesses interested in participating in electronic auctions undertaken by VicForests.

More information can be found on the VicForests web site.
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Tradeslot designed and developed the Forest Auctions platform, and provides ongoing auction support services. Tradeslot is a global leader in the design and development of Private Electronic Markets and market simulation.

Tradeslot's Private Electronic Markets are custom developed: design and development take into account existing industry practices, legislation, and market complexity.

Tradeslot has developed auction platforms for the following categories: grains, minerals, and carbon.

More information can be found on the Tradeslot web site.
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